serials v1.5


This list is by no means complete (currently about 16% of all instruments), but it may at least give you an idea of the year your Steinie has been built. Sometimes it may also show you what your Steinie once has been. We label it as "v1.5", because it's based on the Steinberger World list, just continued and updated.

If you want to contribute to this list, just send us an e-mail. It's not necessary to tell us features that have been stock (e.g. the H-S-S configuration of a GM-4), but we're of course interested in things that are different or remarkable in any way, history, dates, etc. Photos are nice (especially if they are made for the gallery), but not required. If you are not sure about the exact type you own, just describe it as good as possible, in this case better with photos.

As this list is the result of searching the web, asking owners, and watching several online auction platforms, information may be wrong and/or incomplete. But it's the best we can do without further sources. We have decided to stick with the HTML table format. First, it is simple to create and update. Next, it's useless to expect any cool database features like "show me all GMs", with only a fraction of all instruments being listed. And finally, the internet has become faster, it shouldn't be a problem to load or scroll through the page.

Steinberger Serials v1.5

Serials v1.5

This is our attempt of an update to the Steinberger World serial number list, which hasn't grown for a while. Without the exclusive resources (the original Gibson logs) we don't have the tools to check, date, or verify serial numbers.

What we're doing instead is collecting numbers of any USA Steinie that really exists, based on instruments we found on the web, or instruments the owner reports to us. This may lead to listing instruments that aren't what they have been when leaving the factory, however, this happened 20 or 30 years ago, so… we have to deal with it ;-)

List of confirmed Steinberger USA Serials (4662)

New: a more graphical approach to visualize the production timeline (the early years of development and prototyping are not covered). The assignment of serial numbers to years was difficult, because the serial numbers as listed have no reliable continuity regarding the date of manufacture. So each year shows a number which appears to be significant at the beginning of this year. This does not mean that all numbers of this range must have been used on instruments manufactured that year… just for your understanding.

Steinberger Instruments Timeline (Diagram)