replacement parts


Below you‘ll find the TransTrem/S-Trem parts currently available in Europe.

Clicking on the pic will guide you to the website of the provider of these parts.


Parts for Steinberger Tremolos - Part 1

Parts for Steinberger Tremolos - Part 1

Here you will find parts for the Steinberger TransTrem and the S-Trem. Some parts are manufactured for or by contributors of this website, so they will be (hopefully) continuously available. Other parts are N(ew)O(ld)S(tock) and might only be available in limited numbers.

Rest assured that we‘re working on extending the list of available parts :-)

Spring Tension Adjuster

TT/ST Mounting Screws

TransTrem 3
tremolo arm for ZT3

TT Pivot Base

TT/ST Springs

…more to come :-)