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Know-How (Other)

Know-How – Technical and Other Information

Right here we‘re trying to collect and publish as much information as possible, which may help you with any question related to Steinberger guitars.

This may be technical information, or other related information. We‘re definitely not going to create redundancies to the Steinberger World website, which has tons of valuable information available. Instead, we‘ll try to add pieces and details which might be missing there, based on own experience, research and work.

Steinberger Instruments Timeline (Diagram)

Steinberger GL
Early History (Diagram)

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Steinberger Catalog Scans

These are some complete catalogs, all scanned from originals we actually own. Please note that opening and/or downloading these PDFs requires you to enter a user name and a password, just to make sure it's a real and interested person and not just a PDF hoarder robot :-)

1986/1987 Catalog

1985/1986 Catalog
(provided by Hallgeir)

1982 Steinberger Bass

1991 Products and Prices

1994 Catalog and Pricelists

1989 Catalog

Synapse Manual

1997 Dealer Folder